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Late 17th Century Oil on Panel Genre Scene


Waltzing Matilda in European idiom! This genre painting is oil on oak panel, and is late 17th century, probably northern Italian. It shows three men and woman in residence in a hollow tree trunk. The woman holds a goat captive, probably having just taken it out of the fabric sack which is ominously stained with blood. The knife in the hand of her companion does not suggest a long future for the unhappy animal. I suspect the two better dressed men on the right, one holding a staff (of office?)  and another an axe (a woodsman or gamekeeper?) have just discovered the miscreants who have kidnapped their goat. Perhaps the goat will have a reprieve, and live a long, happy and fulfilling life?

The panel is 22.5 cm by 30 cm. The frame is dark wood with a russet velvet infill, and a gilt fillet, and is 41 cm by 34 cm.

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