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C1820 Old Sheffield Plate PAIR of Regency Georgian Sauce Tureens


This opulent pair of Old Sheffield Plate sauce tureens demonstrates the full luxury of the closing decades of the Georgian period. Made about 1820, these are English, although Old Sheffield Plate was also made in some of the German States, in Russia and in France. It is a method of producing things that looked like costly solid silver at a fraction of the price. However, It was very labour intensive and required great manual skill to manufacture. Unlike the later electroplate, that coated ready made objects with pure silver, Old Sheffield Plate starts with a sandwich of copper and sterling or other solid silver, and produces finished goods form this flat sheet of silver over copper. Old Sheffield Plate basically ran for a century, from 1743 to the 1840s, when electroplating defeated it. These have their original sterling silver skin and have not been later replated with pure silver: a big value point!

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