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C1880 Parian Porcelain Bust of Girl


The finest unfigured white marble, much prized for sculpture, comes form the Greek island of Paros and is called Parian marble. Parianware is a soft paste  porcelain the imitates the surface of carved marble remarkably successfully. Unglazed white porcelain is called bisque, and is matte and is liable to absorb dirt. By the 1870s most Parian was smear glazed to protect the surface form dirt and to give it a slight sheen. The glaze was not applied to the porcelain and then fired in the usual way, which would have resulted in a smooth, glossy finish. It was thrown into the kiln and allowed to vaporise and settle on the porcelain, giving it a very convincing marble like surface. This Parian ware bust of a girl has been further enriched with tactful gilding. This classical maiden is 27 cm tall.

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