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C1910 Imperial Russian Silver Spoons by Vladimirov


This wonderful set of a dozen Nicholas II period teaspoons is in its original wooden box from the silversmith and retailer Nikolai Valadimirov of St Petersberg. The spoons each are hallmarked with the second kokoshnik mark and the workmaster's stamp of latin WH in an hexagonal cartouche. We do not yet know his name, but he was one of Vladimirov's workmasters, only some of whose names are currently recorded. Vladimirof also retailed work by the famous enameler Lyubavin, and some Lyubavin work sold by Vladimirov has also the WH stamp.

The spoons are decorated on front and back with Louis XVI swags, flowers and reed and ribands. Each weighs about 34 grams and is 15 cm long. The Louis XVI style is typical of eurocentric St Petersberg, in contrast to the Pan-Slavic or Old Russian style favoured by pro-Slavic Moscow .

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