Pair Early 19th Cent. Grand Tour Bronze Roman Emperors

SOLD for an Imperial Pair

This pair of bronze Roman Emperors is Italian, and while it has a distinctly 17th century feel, the construction suggests the first half of the 19th century: C1820s. Each bronze emperor, Tiberius and Domitian, being named in Italian on the bronze socles, sits on a rouge marble cylindrical secondary socle. The total height is 32 cm. Grand Tour artefacts get their name from the Grand Tour undertaken by British Gentleman of Quality as a finishing episode to their classical education. The young aristocrat would travel with a tutor and however many servants was dictated by his rank and fortune. In spite of the educational focus being on Greece and Rome, no one went to Athens, then a small shepherd village backwater in the Ottoman Empire. Rome was the ultimate destination. The educational tour provided the lad with the opportunity to buy furnishings for the ancestral House. Usually this was the only time the man left home soil. Real and fake Imperial Roman marbles, bronzes and objects were complemented by souvenirs such as new topographical paintings by Guardi, Cannaletto and Marieschi as well as copies of Roman bronzes, marbles etc. The most ambitious souveniring programme is represented by the Elgin Marbles, formerly in the Parthenon, now in London. Such objects were designed to publicly attest to the Gentleman's classical learning and erudition, whether the man was a true scholar are as stupid as a fruit bat.

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