18th & 19th Century Wares

410 Queen’s Pde, Clifton Hill

Victoria, 3068 Australia

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The Clifton Hill Outlet has now closed permanently.

Find us at the Camberwell Antique Centre.

Welcome to Roy's Antiques - serving Melbourne since 1979

Roy’s Antiques: Craftsmanship, Conservation, Sustainability

Roy’s Antiques’ Furniture is:


Real cabinet woods, shellac, beeswax, cotton, linen, silk, horsehair, brass, marble. NO synthetic foam, plastics or polyurethanes.


Hand made, start to finish, by craftsmen with hand tools, before soulless Victorian factory mass production. Meticulously restored today employing local skilled artisans using traditional methods and materials.


Mostly eight generations old so far and still going strong! Older than Melbourne!

Delivered Green

Sourced locally to avoid carbon miles and to reduce costs. No single-use synthetic packaging such as styrofoam or plastic is used. New goods come with extensive packaging so this is a vital consideration.


Our elegant furniture originally graced mansions, town houses and chateaux.


Our original ancient furniture costs less than the price of making a new duplicate.

All items guaranteed genuine as described

Roy Williams has been antiques dealing in Melbourne since 1979. His nine years of tertiary education are all relevant to antiques. He has published two books and hundreds of magazine articles. He had a shop in San Francisco in the 1990s and has exhibited at Antiques Fairs in Australia and the USA.

The 1990s were a busy time, with Roy being an ‘expert’ on three weekly ABC talkback radio shows for 7 years. Regular television appearances included Good Morning Australia, Healthy Wealthy and Wise, etc. etc.

Now in semi-retirement Roy lives entirely for pleasure, trading online, and at Camberwell Antique Centre.

Septembers are usually spent studying abroad, favourite places being Paris and New Orleans. Scrupulous scholarship and years of international experience support all product descriptions.

Roy’s Antiques Pty Ltd occupied a two storey Victorian building in a wide, tree lined boulevard in historic Fitzroy, Melbourne’s oldest suburb. It was built as a shop in 1889, and retains its original shopfront.

Roy Williams moved his business to Fitzroy in 1983, and to Clifton Hill in 1990.

Roy’s Antiques specialises in:

  • 18th and early 19th century English, French and other European furniture
  • Hallmarked silver, mostly British and European from 1700 to the present
  • Imperial Russian silver and ikons

Roy’s Antiques is a member of the Australian Antique and Art Dealer’s Association, a member of CINOA (Confederation Internationale des Negociants en Oeuvres D’Art), the International Antiques and Art Association.

Roy Williams is the author of two books on antiques and interiors. For most of the 1990s he was a weekly “expert” on three ABC talkback radio shows (Melbourne and regional), and made many television appearances in that capacity.

All prices are listed in Australian Dollars.

Conversions to other currencies may be calculated here.

email us at: mail@roys-antiques.com.au


The Clifton Hill Outlet has now closed permanently. Visit us at Camberwell Antique Centre.

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