1751-1764 George II Picture Back or Fancy Back Silver Spoon, James Tookey

$120.00 each spoon.

Each sterling silver Hannoverian pattern, spoon is 12.5 cm long and weighs 14 grams.  London, 1751-1764. The picture back is a raised casting of a basket of flowers. All the spoons are crisp and in great condition. We have only five, so we are not keeping them as a set, but selling them individually. The hallmarks are only the maker's mark and the lion rampant, which is not unusual for this period. The marks are in the midpoint of the spoon, in the narrowest part of the handle. This inconvenience (the assay master's office regularly chopped the spoon in two with the punch) ended about the 1760s, when the marks were moved to the paddle part of the handle. This can be a good rule of thumb dating English spoons. The makers' mark is that of James Tookey, which he used from 1751 till 1764, when he entered a slightly different mark.

An Hannoverian spoon made under an Hannoverian monarch!

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