1768 set of 6 Sevres Small Plates of the Louis XV period, painted by Prissette and Raux,aîné


With a diameter of 21 cm, these plates are bread and butter or cake plate size, in modern parlance. There is a set of six. Each is painted with delicate sprays of Flowers scattered across the plate, and with a border of a cobalt blue line regularly hatched with gilding that relates to the gilt border. The plates are in excellent condition. Each has the little suspension hole in the footrim. The painted mark includes the interlaced L, for the king whose factory it was, enclosing a date letter "P" for 1768. On three plates, underneath the Ls are the painter's initials "P.R." for Prissette.  There is also an incised CT. The other tree plates are by  Raux, aîné, marked with his dotted circle to the right of the factory mark.

Louis Francois Prissette, who worked only briefly at Sevres, starting in 1764 and dying in 1770. Prissette painted similar flowers on one of the lidded pots in this magnificent travelling case:https://www.bada.org/object/vernis-martin-olive-green-lacquer-fitted-travelling-box

Raux,aîné (1753(?)- November 1779) is recorded as a painter of a plate in Queen Elizabeths collection (Page 633, Vll II, French Porcelain in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen, by Geoffrey de Bellague, Royal Collection Publications 2009.) First mentioned on Sevres payroll in 1766, Raux painted the flowers on a number of pieces of the Catherine II of Russia Service in 1778. Boigraphical detail are scant: https://www.getty.edu/art/collection/artists/3320/raux-aine-french-active-1766-1779/

These plates were made when Marie Antoinette was 12 and still in Austria-Hungary. She married the dauphin in 1770 at 14, and they ascended the throne in 1774, on the death of Louis XVI's grandfather.

Provenance:  Sotheby's  (Melbourne) Nov 2006.

We see so much Sevres style porcelains labelled as "Sevres" that it is exciting to see porcelain from the actual factory. For those with a yen for 18th century Sevres there is also a set of six similar dinner plates, and a set of six similar large dishes (now called pasta plates) coming soon.

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