1843 Imperial Period Russian Silver, Gilt and Niello Teaspoon


Unlike British silver, whose date letter spans two years, the 1843 on Russian silver is the actual calendar year. British silver preserved the the year change on 25th March. March 25th had been the New Years Day in England from 1155 till 1751. 1752 was the first modern English year commencing on January 1. The additional, very clear, hallmarks include the "84" being the silver standard of 87.5% (84/96ths),  St George and The Dragon, symbol for Moscow, and the initials of the assay master Andrei Kovalsky, who held that office 1821-1856. The makers mark is a mystery. The assay office stamped the hallmarks over the maker's mark so only the second letter, a script K is legible. Confirming the maker is possible, but would require a lot of time, tediously spent.  The gilding remains as a "lemon juice wash" over the silver, and the niello is in excellent condition.  14.7 cm long Nicholas I period. Crisp, opulent and delicious!

I roll my eyes at the description, but the spoons are nice! https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/251431094/unique-18th-century-antique-tea-silver

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