1855 Moscow Silver Gilt Russian Ikon


This ikon is painted in egg tempera, on board, and enriched with a gilded silver oklad. The ikon, being an holy object, is. not signed. however, since the silver covering is only an ornamental soot guard, it is hallmarked and stamped with the maker's mark. Unfortunately the maker's mark is reduced to a single legible M, and will be unidentifiable. The state hallmarks are for Moscow, 1855 (calendar year) and as silver standard of 84 zolotniki, which is 87.5%. The gold plating to the silver is still vibrant and bright. There are losses. the halo has vanished, and one of the enamel name plates has disappeared. Both could be restored by the silversmith. 23 cm tall and 18 cm wide.

Oddly enough, bought three ikons together. They each had full descriptions of their hallmarks, each of which was incorrect and a complete fantasy. I wonder is there was once a collection and the descriptions became scrambled? Over the last 40 years I have often seen grand receipts attached by heirs to the completely unrelated and usually modest item. Grandma clearly has sold the diamond necklace, and the heirs have found the receipt for it and the only necklace is a paste one, so they assume the glass one is the diamond one in the receipt.

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