1858 Imperial Russian Silver Ikon by Gubkin: Supplier to the Tzar


18 cm by 21.5 cm, this Imperial Russian ikon is hand painted in egg tempera paint, and protected by a silver oklad. The ikon is a holy object so it is not signed. Silver is a guard, so it is required to be tested and hallmarked by the government by law. This is much more helpful! The hallmarks reveal that the ikon cover, and in this case the ikon underneath, was made in 1858, in Moscow. Both the halo and the oklad are stamped with the maker's mark of Prokopio Nikitin. The Oklad is overstamped with the mark of Ivan Semenovich Gubkin, and the Imperial Eagle. Gubkin's firm was founded in 1841, and received the Imperial Warrant as a supplier to the cCourt in 1858. As with Faberge, thsi could either mean Nikitin was working as a workmaster for Gubkin, or he was independent and Gubkin bought the finished work from Nikitin. (This would be similar to Feodor Rucket's work which, if bought, stamped and retailed by Faberge, is counted as Faberge and brings much more than the absolutely identical Ruckert object without the prized Faberge stamp.)

The silver is 84 zolotniks (84/96ths is 87.5 %.fine)

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