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1853 Oil on Canvas Painting after Salvi by Mazzolini


A fine oil on canvas painting after Giovanni Batista Salvi, il Sassoferrato (1609-1685) of the Holy Family, in a magnificent carved and gilded wood frame. A 19th Century copy By G. Mazzolini Rome, of a subject known in three autograph versions (Chantilly, Musee Conde; Potsdam, Museum of Sanssouci; and Rome, Palazzo Doria Pamphili)

There is a fine painting of the Virgin's head by Salvi in the NGV which shows that this is a good and faithful copy.

We have a long history with this painting. We bought it in the early 80s, I think directly from a convent. At that time the nuns had bowdlerised it by painting over the lower half of the Christ Child with bananna yellow house paint, but flat, like a paper cut out, with no attempt at depth or shading: Surreal! This hilarious censorship was promptly removed. I think we are now having the pleasure of offering it to the discerning public for the third time.It is also illustrated in our 1999 (hardcover glossy) book published by Lothian: The Australian Room.

It is shown here on one of our old postcards. Note the phone number at the time. The magnificent hand carved and leaf gilded mid-19th century frame is probably worth  $3250 by itself. The painting is dated 1853 and signed G. Mazzolini..

104 cm by 114 cm

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