1880 Russian Silver Cigar Case by Khlebnikov, Imperial Court Supplier


This splendid silver cigar case is by one of the great Russian silversmiths of the Imperial period, Ivan Khlebnikov. Khlebnikov was one of the suppliers to the Imperil Court, and as such, he had the right to stamp his name in full on his work. In addition, he could stamp the Imperial Double Headed Eagle as well. The full name stamp of Khlebnikov, in Cyrillic, conjoined with the circular cartouche with double eagle is stamped in both the interior of the lid and base. In addition the state hallmarks for 1880, Moscow and the silver purity 84 (87.5%). The interior is gilded. The niello decoration is a diaper pattern background. The back has a circular cartouche, vacant. The front has a scene of two men and a woman in a troika, an extremely fast, and dangerous,  cart on two wheels, and led by three horses. It was the 19th century equivalent of a sports car today, or chariot of the ancient world.

11.5 cm by 6.5 cm, and 3.5 cm deep. It weighs 156 grams.

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