1895 Peter Carl FABERGE Silver Cream Jug, Workmaster Stephan Wakeva


This elegant cream jug is from the St Petersberg manufactories of the most important silversmith of the 20th century, Peter Carl Faberge (Karl Gustavevitch Faberge in the Russian parlance, using the patronymic). Faberge is most well known for the jewelled Easter Eggs he produced for the Imperial family. His company also produced jewellery, fantasy objects, and practical silver such as cutlery sets and tea services. This jug probably started as part of a complete tea service. This balloon form is one of my favouriters, and I have a Russian tea service in this shape myself. Moscow productions always carried a Faberge stamp. Those of St Petersberg frequently only had the initials of the workmaster. In this case the S pellet W sans serif in an oval cartouche shows the workmaster to be Stephan Wakeva (1833-1910), whose two sons went on to be Faberge workmasters as well. The square hallmark incorporates the symbol for St Petersberg (a freshwater and a marine anchor, and a sceptre, crossed), the calendar year 1895, and the assay master's initials A C, and an 84 for the silver standard. 84 zolotniks is the most used Russian silver standard: 84/96, so 875/1000, a little lower than sterling. The assay master in this case is Alexander Seyever the Cyrillic S sound being rendered a letter like a Latin C. There is also an auxiliary tiny hallmark on the spout, and one on the handle.

The creamer has a pounced or matted exterior finish, while the interior is  polished to a mirror sheen for hygiene as well as aesthetics. It stands 8 cm tall, 12 cm wide, spout to handle edge, and the external diameter is 7 cm.  132 grams.

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