1899-1906 Moscow Panslavic Russian Silver Spoon


This handsome spoon is in the Panslavic or Old Russian Style that expressed Russian nationalism from about the 1860s. It signals a reaction to the Westernisation forced upon Russia by Peter the Great beginning in the late 17th century. It is based on ancient Rona spoons, as a reminder that Russia was the direct inheritor of Imperial Roman heritage: the Kievan princes had married into the last Imperial family of the Eastern Roman Empire. hence Moscow is known as the third and last Rome. The spoon is the usual and lowest standard for Russian silver, 84 zolotniks, 875/1000 fine. It is g hallmarked for Moscow, 84 standard and 1908-1917. The maker's mark, GAG, in Cyrillic, is listed but unidentified. He or she flourished from 1899-1906. It is 26 grams, and 15 cm long. The fig shaped bowl is attached to a tapered hexagonal shank, finishing in a crown finial.

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