18th Century Large 77cm by 97 cm French Genre Oil Painting on Canvas


Almost a metre tall, this unframed oil on canvas genre painting shows a man and woman in mid-18th century dress discovering their mutual intellectual interest in biology. Madam's hat is laid on the tree trunk. Garlands of flowers indicate the scene is in Spring. The massive tree and a hedge shield them, and there the local town is seen in the middle distance, amongst the rolling hills.

The canvas is grey and it is mounted on a brand new support of the type typical of the 18th century manufacture and of paintings inserted into wall paneling. The naive, facile and rapid painting technique using bold feathers of colour is typically 18th century. It would not be widely tolerated throughout the 19th century until the Impressionists shocked the nation. The painting is very much influenced by the work of Boucher. Big, colourful and lively, it would be a charming embellishment to any home.

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