1908-1917 Imperial Russian set 6 Teaspoons

$750.00 set of 6

We have two sets of these spoons: a set of 12, but have divided them for convenience: $750 each set of 6. The Old Russian Style spoons are 875/1000 silver: marked 84 zolotiks. 100% silver is 96 zolotniks. Each bowl is engraved with Art Nouveau flowers. The twisted stems and crown finial, as well as the fig shaped bowl all derive from ancient Roman spoons. Moscow is considered the third and last Rome, after Rome and Constantinople. The Roman eagle and the Imperial traditions were passed from Rome to Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern half of the Roman Empire, which survived till 1453. With marriage between the last Byzantine Imperial family and the Grand Prince of Kiev, the sceptre was passed on to Russia, whose government still retains the double headed eagle of the old Roman Empire. Hence the Byzantine magnificence of Russian Orthodox Church services and regalia.

14.5 cm long.

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