1908-1917 Set 6 Imperial Russian Soup (modern Table) Spoons

$900.00 set of 6

Hallmarked for Moscow, 1908-1917, and 84 silver*, this set of soup spoons, from which today's table spoons descend, is by Vasillii Andreyev. The substantial set weighs 418 grams in total, and each spoon is 21 cm long. The spoon are ornamented with a cypher.


84 zolotniki are a fraction of 96. Hence 84 is 87.5% Modern Russian silver is marked 875. If you like, there are 4 zoloniki to a carat, pure gold being 24 carats, so th fractions are not so alien after all.

We bought these in 2008 and I have just found them in their plastic bag with their 2008 accession number, so they are entering stock now! Antique dealing is like no other profession or trade.

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