19th Century Russian Panel Ikon of St Germagen, Martyr Patriarch of Moscow


This ikon of the martyred Saint Germagen or Hermogenes,(before 1530 – 17 February 1612) is a Russian Orthodox ikon 36 cm tall and 31 cm wide. Probably mid-19th century, it features a faux gold and jewelled border, and is in the German style, meaning it has depth and is greatly influenced by the Italian Renaissance realism delivered to Russia via the German States. The panel has cupped, and there is a board separation.

Hermogenes became Patriarch of Moscow in 1606, but had several disputes with the authorities, most notably the False Dimitri 1, and the Polish king and would-be-Tsar, Wladyslaw IV. For his intransigence, blocking Wladysaw's coronation,  he was imprisoned, and beaten and staved to death.

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