19th French Century Ormolu and Turquoise Ceramic Tankard


In the long tradition of mounting Chinese porcelains in European gilt bronze mounts, this tankard has ormolu mounts that are almost certainly French. The gilt bronze features standard Western European motifs such as egg and dart, acanthus, reeding and an acorn. It is probable the crackle glazed ceramic vessel is also European in imitation of Chinese porcelain. The ceramic is pottery, and looks like stoneware, and the tapered cylinder shape is not a typical Chinese one, but fits a standard tankard form. Presumably this ormolu mounted tankard was a product of the 19th century, when many such luxury objects were reproduced, particularly in the Second Empire, 1852-1870. The tankard lid does not open sufficiently to allow use, so it further points to a 19th century purely decorative function. 20 cm tall and 11 cm diameter.

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