40cm C1840 Vieux Paris Porcelain Large Medici Vase with Cabochons


This is a magnificent, and large (40 cm tall) Vieux Paris porcelain vase. Louis Philippe in period, the vase is of Medici shape and features striking imitation cabochon gemstones as decoration. It is in perfect condition with almost no wear to the gilding. This is rare as the gilding on Old Paris tends to be fugitive. The cubicular socle and the trumpet are painted with marvelously observed polychrome floral sprays. The reverse is decorated with baskets of flowers in swags and scrolls. It is rare to find such a large and excellent condition piece of Vieux Paris.

Old Paris is a term that covers the factories withing the walls of Paris. This vase is probably Rue Popincourt.  Paris was extensively demolished in the Grand Transformation in the 1860s and 1870s, giving us the Paris we see today (vastly different from 18th century Paris, now hard to find). At this time the porcelain manufactories moved out of Paris, either due to the demolition of their workshops or due to the greatly increased cost of being in Paris. Most went to the Limoges region, where porcelain making still flourishes. About 140 factories are listed in Limoges.

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