C1930s fine Refraishasoir (wine service table) by Andre Mailfert, the famous faker.


This delightful refraishasoir is in the late Louis XVI/Directoire style and features an end drawer, and a marble top with two removable ice buckets set into it. The refraishasoir is 70 cm by 43 cm, and stands 68 cm tall It has the maker's marque au fer stamp underneath.

It is a model produced by the famous furniture and painting faker Andre Mailfert. His fame rests more on his memoirs published in 1935 ( and reprinted in 2019) than on his company's actual ability to really fake 18th century furniture. Most of the furniture is only going to fool the amateur. He opened business in 1904, and produced furniture then sold fraudulently as antique. One has to admire his imagination. He invented a whole school of furniture, with its master cabinetmaker: J F hardy. He bought an 18th century portrait and doctored it to be of the famed cabinetmaker, and then produced a catalogue of the newly revealed school of the Loire. Such a school did not exist but Mailfert made the objects that now had a spurious history.

Less cannily, he also stamped many chairs of his production I. Dubois (Jacques Dubois) and passed them off as genuine 18th century. Dubois was an ebeniste, so he was not a chair maker. The legal right to manufacture chairs belonged to the menuisier. Very few were both, and Dubois was not a menuisier, and so never made chairs.

I personally own a very nice, tiny, genuine 18th century table with a fake Jacques Dubois stamp. It makes it more interesting.



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