Bridgerton, Regencycore and the increasing demand for antiques.

Bridgerton and the pandemic lockdowns have booth been considerable accelerants in the rise of international demand for antiques. Unlike other forms of retail, in antiques an increase in demand is not balanced by increased manufacture of stock, but a decrease in supply. The people who might previously have sold their antiques are now more inclined to keep them, since they are now a la mode. hence the rapid price rises in the last year.

I have been surprised by how many of my customers are unaware of the black population in Regency England, in conversations sparked, of course, by Bridgerton. Follow this link to get the fun facts from a reliable source. Although my own studies have focused mainly on the American and French slave trades and the place of African descent people in those societies, I have read enough late Georgian English diaries etc to recognise the veracity of Vanessa Riley's material.

P.S. A film is reportedly being made now about my favourite black aristocrat and hero, the Chevalier de Saint-Georges, whose memory Napoleon I tried to eradicate, when he revived legal slavery in the French colonies.

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