Bridgerton Regencycore style Oil on Board Double Portrait

$875.00 of Bridgerton style!

This is a modern oil on board painting after the John Hoppner portrait of the Frankland Sisters*. The loose brushstrokes mimic well the style of portraiture of the day. One young lady sports a turban and feathery Late-Georgian, Regency hair, while the one with the scroll in her hand wears a bandeau. The dresses are high waisted in the Bridgerton style and are of gossamer light fabric. The more daring ladies of the Regency wet their muslin dresses so they more closely resembled the Classical Greek sculptures from which they were modelled. The fabric would cling to the body. That is probably a bit daring for 2021, wet t-shirt competitions notwithstanding.

Absolute Regenycore!

76 cm tall, 61 cm wide and 6 cm deep.

I particularly loved "Sanditon" (8 episodes, season 1), after Jane Austen's unfinished novel, and "Belgravia" (6 episodes, though set mostly in 1841). These are both lots of fun, but more historically correct than "Bridgerton".

*Google image search completely failed, but the painting is used as the front cover of Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility" (Oxford World Classics, 1998)

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