“Brown Furniture is back in Fashion”, officially! It’s in the news.

14 Sept 2018 The Telegraph UK


Of course, those of us at the coal face have been watching the return to fashion, with its consequent rise in prices, of traditional antique "brown" furniture for some time. The bottom of the market in Melbourne was about 5 years ago and things have been rising since then. With Generational change the demand for Mid-Century Modern has started to decline (see the falling weekly prices at auctions) as most Gen X have bought what they were ever going to buy. Gen X was the main market for MCM. Gen Y is much more eclectic, and sensitive to durability and sustainability. They seem to be favouring anything actually wood, and the styles of the 18th century or more ancient, and early and late Victorian. The mid-Victorian Rococo Revival so beloved of buyers in the 1970s and 1980s is not much adored: too familiar from Grandma's house, perhaps? The early Victorian Grecian style and late Victorian Aesthetic Movement things, ignored in the 70s and 80s, are now very much in vogue. Furniture has to be functional and fit in both the small lift well and the compact apartment. Alternatively, huge dining tables that fit the kids, their spouses and all the grand kids are in demand for retirement farms. No one seems to have a use for the 12 seater Victorian extension table: too big or too small!

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