C1670 Flemish Oil on Canvas Genre Scene


This late 17th century painting is oil on canvas, and the original canvas has been marouflaged onto new canvas, as part of its restoration long ago. It is now in a new black 17th century Dutch style frame. The image shows a man playing bagpipes while a couple dance and another couple flirt. There is a farmer working in the distance on the left. A typically Protestant work, it celebrates the "God is in the trees" attitude that God's majesty is best expressed in Nature and "salt of the Earth"  hardworking, pious plain people. While I generally much prefer Catholic countries' courtly paintings with columns, swirling drapery and useful cherubs, to the North's genre scenes of peasants, mud and scavenging animals, this painting charms me as the people are in Sunday best, and are clearly enjoying their festival day: not too much mud! The canvas is 45 cm by 53 cm.

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