C1700 Flemish Brussels Verdure Tapestry with Birds


This handsome and rare Belgian tapestry is late 17th/early 18th century. The verdure tapestry features birds amongst the foliage (verdure), and is framed with a faux carved border. It is wool and silk, 2.7 meters by 1.7 metres. The condition is particularly good and the weave is very fine, allowing for wonderful detail. Tapestries are made on a loom, with the coloured thread being woven to form the picture or pattern. Although often called tapestries (a courtesy title?) the textile pictures we see framed, or as cushions, curtains or upholstery that are made by embroidering coloured thread on a mesh support are correctly needlework. Tapestries were always expensive luxury goods unique in the sense of warmth and the rich texture they bring to an interior.

Provenance; Bought from Galerie Jabert, Paris: Founded in 1937, the Galerie Jabert is one of the leading specialists in France for collection of antique rugs and European tapestries of the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries.
Located in the Village Suisse in Paris, close to the Eiffel tower, Maxime Jabert member of SNA (Syndicat National des Antiquaires)and expert CNE.

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