C1700 Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Lady, Circle of Michael Dahl(?)


This late 17th or early 18th century portrait, most probably C1710, is of a lady rich enough to be painted, an expensive luxury, yet she wears no jewels or furs. This is typical of a wealthy but non-aristocratic lady. She can afford a costly velvet gown, over a fine cambric, or even silk, blouse. While it is not possible to precisely identify her nationality, the painting is in the international style most associated with the English Court Painter  painter Sir Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723). There is an auction sticker on the reverse, showing the painting was offered in Sweden, so possibly this is by a Swedish artist who was influenced by Kneller through Michael Dahl, a Swedish painter whose working life was mostly in England. Dahl painted Queen Anne, but enraged George I by refusing to paint the 2 years old Duke of Cumberland. Needless to say, Dahl did not become Court Painter, or receive a knighthood, which might otherwise have ensued. Our painting canvas is maroufalged onto a later canvas. The frame is good, but 20th century. Frame is 80cm by 95 cm.

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