C1710 Queen Anne Oil on Canvas Portrait of Follett Family Lady (?)


The plaque at the base of the frame proclaims this as a portrait of Dorothy Follett. There is an inscription on the stretcher also. It is 18th century or early 19th century. It says:"A portrait of Dorothy Burgess Esq married to Benjamin Follett Esq of Topsham, Devon." I finally found the marriage licence of Dorothy (of St Andrew, Plymouth), and Benjamin Follett dated 12th November 1756. Her burial is recorded on 29th April 1802. Clearly this is not a portrait of Dorothy. She belongs to a previous generation, and would probably have been born in the 1670s or 1680s. Unfortunately, family histories are often flawed. I do believe the painting is almost certainly from the accumulation of Follett family portraits, but is more likely to be Benjamin's mother or even grandmother. Frame is 73 cm by 87 cm. Painting is 58 cm by 71 cm.

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