C1740 Tiepolo style Baroque Oil Portrait of a Lady


Very much in the style of Tiepolo, this oil on board oval portrait of a queen is no doubt an allegory of something. Like many of Tiepolo's paintings, including Melbourne's own "The Banquet of Cleopatra", which was a ceiling panel, this oval painting would have been set in the panelling of a room, part of the architecture, rather than a portable easel painting.

The lady wears a diadem and pearls in her hair. She is in a gold velvet gown further ornamented with jewels, and a a galloon trimmed blue satin cloak swirls around her. 70cm by 59cm. The several boards on which she is painted are joined and stabilised by a backing of dimensionally stable masonite. Italy. Mid-18th century.

Many paintings that were originally parts of room panelling, or the fronts of chests, or even shop signs, are now in gilded frames and hanging on the walls of the NGV and other galleries. The divide between the Fine Arts (architecture, sculpture and painting) and the Decorative Arts was a 19th cnetury development and is gradually now being abandoned again.

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