C1750 Baroque Silver Casket from Dressing Set, probably Augsburg, possibly Johann Christian Lehnet.


This beautiful and heavy casket is a typical shape for an early 18th century one from a dressing table set that would include a silver mirror, coffee things, boxes and caskets and candlesticks. The only mark is the maker's stamp, of JCL with a bird(?). The owner's initials, IVS, are engraved on the inside of the rim, at the front. Since it was part of a large service, it is not unusual a hallmark is absent. The lovely baroque casket is 7 cm tall, 8.5 cm wide and 7 cm deep. In spite of its small size it weighs a hefty 220 grams, so the costly metal was not spared. The hinge at the back is very fine, and the serpentine thumb catch is elegant an functional. The whole octagonal body is raised on four hairy paw feet, with the hair being engraved. The evidence of the manufacture entirely by hand is obvious.

See: https://www.ponteonline.com/en/lot-details/auction/375/lot/199/

Compare with :https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/231564

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