C1750 Louis XV Cabinet By COULON, Paris


A small Louis XV style and period cabinet probably by Gaspard(?) Coulon (C1690-1775), Paris C 1750. The cabinet is stamped COULON and JME. The Coulon stamp is the right size and font and the cabinet conforms to his work. The JME stamp is that of the governing body for cabinetmakers the Jurande Ménusiers-Ébénistes. Gaspard was at the rue Princesse, Saint-Sulpice, Paris.

90 cm tall. 54 cm wide. 41 cm deep.

The brothers Coulon (Balthazar, Gaspard and Jean-Francois) all used the stamp "Coulon“.  Jean-Francois, the eldest, received master in 1732, had a shop called "La Toilette Royale “ together with his brother Gaspard (which he lead alone from 1767 onwards). Balthazar Coulon was also a marchand-ébéniste (both a maker and a retailer of furniture recognised by the Parisian guilds) with premises in the rue Plâtière where he offered mainly tables and small furniture pieces.

Gaspard Coulon (maître 1739) was from a family of Parisian ébénistes, which included his brother, Jean Coulon (French, 1686-1734); his nephew, Balthazar Coulon (French, 1710-1790); and his son, Jean-François Coulon. Balthazar Coulon would become the best-known of the family through his close relationship with Gilles Joubert (French, 1689-1775) who was ébéniste ordinaire du Garde-Meuble and then Ébéniste de la Couronne under Louis XV. Balthazar executed a number of Joubert's commissions from the King, which then entered the royal household. The stamp "COULON" was most often used by Gaspard Coulon, although Balthazar was known to have also used the same stamp in addition to his more rare stamp, "B. COULON."

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