C1750 Louis XV Candlesticks: Incredible Group of Four!

$2,200.00 for four

This apparent set of four candlesticks is actually two almost identical pairs. Each pair is $1250, but for all four, there will be a discount to $2200 the 4. They are brass, French, mid-eighteenth century, and Louis XV period. Four candlesticks works well on a circular table, set with flowers or an objects d'Art between them, or just as a mass of candlesticks. Candlesticks of reflective materials make the most of the flickering candlelight, introducing movement to the scene. The candlesticks have just been polished and lacquered, which is baked on, so offers a durable, no maintenance finish. Dust only! Unfortunately, the lacquerer has now retired, so these may be that last candlesticks we can make brilliantly shiny with low maintenance. 24 cm tall and 13 cm diameter, both pairs were originally silvered.

Still working well after nearly 300 years. So what can you buy new that might be serviceable the three centuries? Engagement ring, maybe?

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