C1750 or Style PAIR Silver Plated Brass English Candlesticks


A mystery pair of candlesticks in silver electroplated over brass. Both tops and bases are filled with plaster of Paris and the filled base is finished with green baise. In short, there is no way without taking them completely apart that we can tell their age. I cannot unscrew the top from the bottom. New electroplating will disguise the vertical seem. There does  seem to be some denting around the candle socket that pre-dates the electroplating, suggesting some age.  Unfortunately, I do not want to take them to bits. So they may well be C1750, when the design was new, or they may have been made at any time subsequent to that. This is why antique dealers and many collectors like to by things in "dry, unrestored condition". This is why we never put dust covers on chairs: the customer needs to have access to saw cuts, oxidation and other constructions marks.

Had we restored them, these candlesticks would be able to be examined underneath. However, the green baise is very practical on polished wooden surfaces. They are a very handsome pair of candlesticks and at $425 a bargain, particularly of they are C1750: a pair at A$2400. https://www.bada.org/object/pair-18th-century-brass-swirl-based-candlesticks

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