C1750 PAIR Louis XV Fauteuil en Cabriole Armchairs, Yellow and Blue Toile

$6,500.00 the luscious ancient PAIR

We are pleased to offer a very festive and splendid pair of Rococo, Louis XV style and period, Parisian open armchairs (fauteuil) with concave backs (en cabriole). Reglued and polished, and now upholstered in a suitable large scale blue and yellow toile, specially printed on thick canvas in America, this pair evokes the glories of the Paris of Madame Pompadour. Since so much has faded or been replaced, we forget how colourful the 18th century was. This pair of chairs is more richly carved than is usual. As well as a cresting of marguerites*, which indicate the chairs were designed to furnish a salon (drawing room), the shoulders are enriched with acanthus. The front seat rail and legs are also more richly carved than average. 86 cm tall, 64 cm wide and  61cm deep.

*Daisies (Argyranthemum frutescens).



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