C1750 PAIR Louis XV French Caned Chairs

$2,600.00 the elegant PAIR

This pair of chairs is mid-18th century, Louis XV in style and period, C1750, and made of waxed beechwood. This type of chair was relatively common in 18th century France. With charming but minimal carving, no painting or gilding, nor upholstery, the menuisier (joiner) did not involve any other guilds in their manufacture, so he could do all the work in his own workshop, and sell them himself. This was very useful for cash flow. He was forbidden to do extensive carving, upholstery or any other finish than wax, as these were all the prerogatives of other guilds. Few are signed, as they were a fast turnover item, and were going directly to the customer. They did not need identification which they would have, had they gone to be worked on by the member of another guild. Elegant and graceful, the chairs are also robust, the mortise and tenon joints secured with pegs. If it was good enough for the Pharaonic Egyptians, the French joiners were content to stick with such a well tried and reliable construction method! Back cane appears to be original, while the seat cane is later replacement.

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