C1750 signed Louis XV Fauteuil Armchair by J.B. Lerouge.

$3,950.00 the signed artwork

This elegant Louis XV fauteuil a la Reine is currently in a red velvet. It is signed Lerouge, and the arm lappets confirm this authorship. You will notice wonderful little carved lappets on the underside of the armrest junction. These are unique to the work of Jean-Baptiste Lerouge (Master Feb 17th, 1749) who worked and lived in the Faubourg St Antoine, rue de Charenton, under the sign of the image of St Peter, Paris. He died in 1757. His widow, Jeanne Rouelle,  continued production after his death, with the help of such grand and famous luminaries as Boucault, Delanois and Forget. We have a set of four chairs by Pierre Forget in stock.

We also have an unsigned chair of the same form, by the same maker, in stock (grey seude) It is $2,750.

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