C1760 Superior Louis XV Fauteuil Armchair


While 18th century French armchairs usually are elegant and well made as a matter of course, this armchair is well above that high average. This fauteuil en cabriole is particularly fluid and graceful, and the carving is more complex than on most. It is now waxed beechwood, but was, sometime in the past, gilded. It also had deep green upholstery. We have just upholstered it in a spectacular silk brocade right for the period and the rank of the chair. Although the buttoning is deeper than would be the case in the 18th century we have retained it, as it gives an added sense of luxury. Luxury, comfort and a connection to history is what it is all about. Made when Madame de Pompadour was still embellishing the court of Louis XV at Versailles, this chair exudes the elegance that characterised that golden age in European artistic achievement.

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