C1765 French Louis XV period Oil Portrait of a Lady in Pink


This handsome portrait shows a lady in an elegant pink gown, trimmed with costly lace at the sleeves and neckline. Nevertheless, she wears no jewellery, suggesting she is a member of the wealthy mercantile, legal or bureaucratic classes, rather than a member of the aristocracy. She holds a straw Summer hat in her lap. I think the flowers she holds in her right hand are a rose and daisies (called "pinks" in the 18th century).  The pink rose may be symbolic of love while the pinks can be interpreted as motherhood (or purity! There is no wedding ring.) Perhaps this portrait celebrates the imminent arrival of a potential heir? The lady has bright, intelligent eyes and seems to be quite happy with her world.

The good but modern gilt frame is 102 cm by 82 cm. Oil on canvas.

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