C1770 French Louis XVI Genre Oil Painting Gilded Frame


This Louis XVI genre painting shows a painter enamoured of his subject. The portrait painting is on an easel in the background, while the painter has abandoned his work and fallen on one knee (on a convenient cushion) to beseech his subject, who is seated in a matching green side chair to his. Similar rank chairs, so they must be of similar rank. There is a patient lap dog in the foreground. Madame holds a closed fan, whose significance I hope to uncover soon.(One of my learned friends has come to the rescue. The closed fan means "Do you love me?". Naturally I have friends who have mastered the language of the fan.) The palette and brushes are on a folded out games table at the back. The canvas is 46 cm by 39, while the frame's dimensions are 69 cm by 60 cm. The wonderful frame is gilded gesso on oak, with inset oak corner braces.

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