C1770 George III Mahogany Chippendale Elbow Armchair


This fine and substantial mahogany open armchair is in the Chippendale style, with a squarish back enclosing a pierced vertical, urn shaped splat. The Marlborough legs are joined with stretchers in typical H format. The condition is excellent and the colour a golden honey hue. The rake on the back is also generous, so the chair is supremely comfortable. Chippendale refers to the style popularised by Thomas Chippendale through his publication of a design book. We have a copy of the purchase receipt for this chair from 1962. It cost 103 pounds, 9 shillings and 9 pence, in Melbourne.

97 cm high, 81 cm deep and 63 cm wide, the seat height is 44cm.

Entertainingly, when I started antique dealing, in the mid-70s, there was not a single piece of furniture that could be definitively linked to Thomas Chippendale's St Martin's Lane manufactory. The best we could do was point to the Chinoiserie bed in the V&A as probably by Chippendale. Furniture had to be linked to his workshop by either a paper trail of receipts, or the unique cuts in the chair brackets under the seat, which were made to mount each chair in its wooden packing crate for transport. Now something like 4000 pieces of Thomas Chippendale manufactured furniture (including coffins) has been positively identified. Ironically, we now know the V&A bed is by the Linnells, who were Chippendale's principle rivals.

N.B.There is a little movement in one front corner, so after the Lockdown we could introduce a glue block to make that rigid.

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