C1770 Louis XV Fauteuil en Cabriole


This Louis XV style but Louis XVI period fauteuil en cabriole (open armchair with curved back) was made about 1770. The frame is robust and firm so the old upholstery was retained. It is freshly waxed, but apart from that is in original condition. The fluid lines are emphasised by the thumb molings throughout. The carving includes margerites in the centre of the front seat rail and at the top of the cabriole legs. The use of an acanthus leaf rising from each foot is unusual and elegant. as it reinforces the inward curve of the leg. Marguerites indicate the chair was used in a salon. The salon customarily opened onto the garden, and the horticultural theme was usually continues in the carvings of the furniture and boiserie (wall paneling) of the salon. Roses indicate a room for work, such as an office or library, while palm fronds are emblematic of sleep. The primary furniture is an 18th century salon was seating furniture for the ladies. men stood. Ladies took the style of seating appropriate to their rank: sofa, settee, full armchair, open armchair, backstool, or stool, accordingly. Since food and drink were never served in the salon, tables were either gaming tables or for supporting lighting. Often the gaming tables were stored outside and only brought into the salon when required.

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