C1770 Louis XV Paris Brass Beaded 2 Door Mahogany Cabinet/Armoire by F. Moreau

$14,500.00 the stunning cabinet

Magnificent and impressive, this marble topped, two door cabinet is beautifully fielded panelled in mahogany. The panels are outlined in over 46 metres of brass moulding in the form of pearls. The "F Moreau" estampille, along with the "JME" (Jurande*) mark,  is on the top of the right hand door frame.

Probably Francois Moreau. I can find no listing in Verlet, Wannenes, or Kjellberg. Sotheby's sold a commode stamped "F Moreau JME" as second quarter of the 18th century, noting the mounts have the "crowned C" tax stamp for 1745 to 1749. I assume this is a different one than that sold on Ist Dibs as C 1780, similarly stamped "F Moreau JME". It is probable this Moreau was a member of the Moreau dynasty of ebenistes, and used his own stamp, but without having himself ever qualified as a maitre. This economy is no unknown, when the junior ebeniste worked in a workshop where a relative was the Master. We have a magnificent commode in the workshops by "F Fleury". Francois Fleury  worked under the official umbrella of his brother, the Master Adrien Fleury. There is also this:https://www.christies.com/en/lot/lot-4215451
H= 136.5cm
W= 153.2
*On August 20, 1751 the French parliament voted for the constitution of the Jurande.
An additional stamp, JME (for jurande des menuisiers-ébénistes (translation Cabinet Makers & Carpenters)) would be added once a committee, made up of elected guild members who inspected the workshops four times a year, had approved the quality. Any furniture that failed to meet the required standards of craftsmanship was confiscated.

The Corporation des Menuisiers was divided into two distinct trades, that of the woodworkers who made paneling (boiserie) for buildings and coaches, and that of the actual furniture makers. The latter can be subdivided into menuisiers (joiners), responsible for the making of solid wood furniture such as console tables, beds, and chairs, and the ébénistes, from the word ébéne (ebony), makers of veneered case pieces.
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