C1770 PAIR Rococo Louis XV Caned Chairs in Waxed Beech.

$1,500.00 the Rococo Pair

These chairs in waxed beech, with little carving, and with caning were a sort of chair the joiner, the menuisier, could legally make himself from start to finish, and sell. Because of this they are seldom signed. He could produce and sell these because it did not impinge on the legal rights of the other guilds (trade unions) such as the painter and gilder, the carver, or the upholsterer. In Winter these would usually have had cushions attached with ribands. The caning is woven hole by hole, using one long wet strand of split cane (very hard on the hands!). It is far more durable than the  modern sheet cane that is pinned into a rebated groove with a cane rod. That is a very poor and flimsy imitation!

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