C1775 Contemporary Oil Portrait of David Garrick the Famous Actor


This is an oil on board portrait of David Garrick (19 February 1717 – 20 January 1779), the most famous English actor of the 18th Century, painted during his lifetime. The framing is old but newly added. On the back is an ink on paper label stating:"........small tribute of friendship, T Barrow begs Mr Ashburner will accept of this slight sketch of his favourite Garrick (Illegible signature, presumably Barrow's)  Received the 27th Dec'r 1775 " The painting is presumably based on the 1760-1761 portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds. That painting was bought by the Duke of Dorset in 1778, and is now at Knowle.

One of David Garrick's friends was the famous, and wealthy, Ignatious Sancho, whose correspondence, published post-mortem, was the first known book penned by a British black writer.  Ignatious was also immortalised in a portrait by Gainsborogh.


The frame is 51 cm by 59 cm


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