C1780 BIG French Louis XVI Fauteuil Armchair with Secret! $2250


This is a very large scale Louis XVI fauteuil. It is 102 cm tall, 72 cm deep and 64 cm wide: huge! Will suit basketball player!

The secret is that it started out its life as a sofa, which may have become damaged, and the two sofa ends were joined skillfully together to make a single armchair. The sofa is always a larger scale than the matching armchairs, so the resultant converted armchair is a chair of much larger proportions than the usual 18th century French armchair. Beautifully carved, with fluted tapering legs and the shoulders finished with chapeau a gendarme (policemen's hats), the fine workmanship is exactly what you would expect form the Ancien Regime. A larger chair, for a much smaller price tag than an completely original fauteuil!

Now freshly upholstered in a floral printed jacquard damask.

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