C1780 Frankenthal Coffee Cup


Finely painted with landscape scene featuring a mountain, a river with a boat and boatman, and a cylindrical tower, in an oval reserve, the cup is further decorated with random flowers. Marked on the base with the underglaze blue back stamp of the initials of the Elector Carl Theodor of Bavaria, who bought the factory in 1762. It had been founded by the famous Hannong family in 1755. The factory was closed down by the French in 1799 when Napoleon invaded the country of Bavaria. This may partially have been spite. The Hannongs left France when Louis XV gave a monopoly on porcelain manufacture to his own factory, Sevres, an astute economic move, which forced the Hannongs to leave France for Bavaria, taking all their industrial secrets with them. Hard paste porcelian. The coffee cup is 68 mm tall and 69 mm wide at the everted lip. Perfect condition. No saucer.

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