C1780 French Oil Portrait Painting in Lavish C19th Gilt Frame


This charming and large portrait in oil on canvas, relined, is of a French Lady of means, painted in the reign of Louis XVI. She now lives in a grand and impressive 19th century gilt frame. The Lady has her hair and its extensions powdered grey, as fashion demands. She is wearing a blue gown, with a diaphanous shawl. In her left hand she holds a pink rose. The frame is 92 cm by 76 cm. It is large and heavy, We have attached a sturdy chain on the reverse. The gilt mat follows the 18th century oval shape that is on the painting. 19th century ovals are much more even, while 18th century ovals are longer on the sides, with less curvature. In other words, the two nails that held the string that described the oval with captive pencil were further apart on 18th century ovals. Recently cleaned and varnished the portrait is bright and fresh. She seems to be free of any jewellery: no earbobs or wedding ring.

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