C1780 Pair of Concave Medallion Back Louis XVI Fauteuil Armchairs

$5,600.00 the Gallic Pair.

Master Craftsman (menuisier) made during the reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, about 1780, this pair of polished beech fauteuil en cabriole (open armchairs with concave back) have just returned from the upholsterer. The frames have been reglued, and new jute webbing used, so they are very strong. The original horsehair pads have been retained, after cleaning. The elegant toile was printed in the USA for us for three other chairs, but luckily, there was just enough left for this pair. From the back you can see we have followed traditional chair grammar and recessed the fabric behind the "stick", although we have been very modern and used the toile show fabric instead of the historically correct checked fabric. Elegant, comfortable, and deliciously French, so nearly 250 years old, but looking fresh and chic.

88 cm tall, 60 cm deep and 58 cm wide.

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