C1780 Pair of Gilt Bronze Louis XVI Cassolettes (Vases to Candlesticks)

$2,650.00 the rare ravishing pair

French, Louis XVI, C1780. While most cassolettes these days are the Art Deco ones that are actually static marble urns, the name originally referred to these nifty metamorphic urns or vases that transform into candlestick holders at night. These come from a time when candles were removed from their holders in the morning and not replaced until dusk. Candles were not left in sticks during the day.(The stubs were melted down and recast into full candlesticks: very green!) This wonderful pair takes the form of urns with lion's heads and swags, with a turned foot with guilloche bands. The lids are fluted candle sockets on one side, and pierced domes on the other. With the pirced lid, each stands 21 cm tall.

While our pair is in original condition, an altered pair at Christies in 2013 still brought over A$6000. https://www.christies.com/lot/lot-5665707?ldp_breadcrumb=back&intObjectID=5665707&from=salessummary&lid=1

This is not surprising, as they are irresistible and delicious! Fortunately, Australia is often cheap for fine art and rare antiques, but not housing, food, public transport etc! If only I did not need food. Antiques are much better value here.


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